SIS - Adventurous Activities Qualifications

Now that the SIS adventurous Activity survey has closed the next step is the holding of several information sessions to give you all, some of the answers you need on how to obtain your SIS qualifications before the December 31 cut off date. These sessions are to give Leaders / Rovers and Vennies an understanding of the SIS system, what they need to do to take members out into the bush, how to get the qualifications and most importantly explain the RPL process. All this has been very slow in coming and hopefully we can address all these issues for you.

The Information Nights have been held.

Next step – the RPL SESSIONS.

  • What is RPL?  Recognition of Prior Learning – taking into account your previous experience


  • Try to get to this session, the team have put a lot of effort into helping leaders and rovers achieve the new qualifications.


Final RPL SESSIONTuesday 25th November at Region Office.

  • Check the South Met Region Activities Facebook page for details, this is where the information is most up to date
  • They have a new RPL document for Bushwalking ready to use, others will be following as they become available
  • The link is - you might need to search for SMR Adventurous Activities
  • Qualified Guides will be available to go through your RPL documents and advise what if anything you need to do as well as submit and forward for approval.
  • The process is pretty straight forward and only takes a few minutes if you come prepared.
  •  This may be the last chance to get your skills RPL this year and remember as of 1/1/15 you cannot take any scouting member on an adventurous activity without the appropriate qualifications.
  • Please contact Region Office to book your place – email or phone.
  • Relevant RPL documents can be found on the Scouts NSW website at
  • You must also have a detailed log book, the more detail the better. A sample can be found below.


Please check the information below, download the Sample Log Book and get your log and documentation ready to go.

Louie Brenton Liu – “Louie”  – ASL 1st Lilli Pilli Sea Scouts – 0417 330 373


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