Group Reference Codes – for Emails, Banking

Group Reference Codes

We have developed a code for each Scout Group for use in correspondence and banking.

Region Office receives emails and direct bank deposits from many sources, and this system has proven successful in identifying emails and deposits from Groups.

Please ask everyone in your Group to observe the following systems -


  • In the subject line, use your Group code, then the subject description for your email
  • eg “HUR Fundraising certificate required for  22/4/17″ would be suitable for an email from 1st Hurstville regarding an upcoming fundraising event


  • For use in the REFERENCE field when making a direct deposit
  • “20203 HUR” – use the invoice number as primary reference, then Group Code
  • “HUR reason” – Use Group Code then short descriptor for the deposit when there is not an invoice


Click on this link for Group Reference Codes

These Codes can be used by everyone -  Group Leaders and section leaders, committee, youth or leaders making enquiries or booking camps or courses.


Enquiries – Region Office, ph 9570 4525,



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