Group Committee Cash Books

Excel Cash Books


There are two zipped folders but only one needs to be used depending on which excel program you are using:

  • Cash Book 2013 with xlsx file extension – advisable to be used by those using Vista and Windows 7.
  • Cash Book 2013 with xls file extension – advisable to be used by those using excel 2003 and prior.


Each folder is now containing only 2 files (previously 8 files) and should avoid the problems encountered by some users. Instructions are found at the beginning of each section of the spreadsheet, e.g. CB 3 Receipts, CB4 Payments, Treasurers Reports, etc.


Fundraising – If the Group does any fundraising they must have a “Certificate of Authority to Fundraise”. The Group needs a Certificate ofor each fundraising event. Copies of each certificate are to be returned the Region Office with the Group’s financials at the end of the year. Certificates can be obtained from the Region Office by an email requesting one. Information required is Group, date of fundraising and fundraising event e.g. BBQ, Cake Stall.


If you have any problems please call the Region Office on 9570 4525.


This document has the following attachments available for download:

Cash Book 2013 with xlsx file extn

Cash Book 2013 for Excel with .xls extension

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