Cub Day Out – Directions


  • Cataract Scout Park, Baden Powell Drive, Appin – turn off Appin Road.
  • One or two kms on the right you will see Boomerang Gates of Cataract Scout Park – turn in here
  • There is a gate – boom-gate code┬áis 4394#
  • There are speed signs along the road – please stick to the limit, to protect all children and others inside Cataract
  • Drive along this road to the very end – this is Site 5
  • The road curves to the right – there is a turning circle ahead – watch for cars coming back out after dropping people off
    • Turn left to park your car for the day
    • Go around the turning circle to drop off any cubs and others in the drop-off zone
      • Drive carefully out – look out for cars coming in to park
      • Same place for pickup
  • Walk through from Site 5 back to Site 4 along the track – not the road – you will see where to go once you get there
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