Region Camp – Cubs and Joeys


Visitors Day at Region  Camp

Sunday 10th June 2018

Please refer to the application and information below for all relevant details, costs and registration form for Region Camp.

What is Region Camp and Region Gathering for Cubs - an explanation of Visitors Day and how it runs

Please refer to the skeleton E1 form – mobs/packs must fill in details before distributing, such as travel arrangements, cost, closing date for forms to get back to the group etc.

Note closing date – Thursday 24th May

  • All Cubs and Joeys must be registered members
  • No late applications will be accepted after closing date – either Group or individual
  • No refunds after Friday 25th May

Enquiries – Region Office, ph 9570 4525, or

Jan Mulheron, Region Commissioner Cub Scouts

  • Ph 0407 247 560
  • Email
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